Cooking Up Peace

June 30, 2008


Grannies for Peace is one of the committees of Women Against War. Every Mother’s and Grandmother’s Day weekend we hold a vigil in Washington Park in the Saturday of the Tulip Fest. This year, our theme was “Cooking up Peace” We had some wonderful props including a huge pot,  some large peas for peace, and carrots for community, cooperation, creative nonviolence and communication. There were also many signs sharing our thoughts about ingredients needed for creating peace in the world. As part of the action, we provided a table with construction paper for passersby to share their own ideas. That will be the subject of another post.
Peace and creativity,

Cooking Up Peace in Washington Park, on May 10, 2008

Please Join Our Circle!

 Grannies for Peace along with their allies and community members are here today cooking up a delicious, nourishing pot of peace soup. Please join us and add whatever ingredient you think is vital to our recipe for a peaceful world.

The Ingredients:

Peace is so much more than just the absence of war. Here are some of the things that we’re adding to the pot: Enough food and water for every person in the world, adequate, universal health care, safe, affordable housing, literacy and education, protection of women and children. Then we’ll throw in meaningful, sustainable jobs, a living wage for all, a safe, clean environment, equal respect for the world’s religions and cultures, and preservation of indigenous cultures with their wisdom and ways of life.

Seasoning for the Soup:

As Mahatma Gandhi has said: “Love is a rare herb that makes a friend of even a sworn enemy and this herb grows out of nonviolence.” Let’s add the herbs and spices of love, understanding, caring, trust and hope to season our soup and transform it from an ordinary meal to an extraordinary source of inspiration.

 Our Cooking Utensils:

 Here are some useful tools to help us stir up the pot: unconditional negotiation, regional and world diplomacy, disarmament, true nuclear non-proliferation, international treaties, the world court, and the court of world opinion. Let’s not forget local training in peacemaking, conflict resolution and nonviolence.

Heat and Energy for our Cooking

 We need a new model to replace the old, tired one of using sticks and carrots to negotiate. The carrots belong in the pot but the sticks of weaponry, power over others, sanctions, and war need to be dismantled and recycled to provide fuel for cooking up peace. If we used our combined energy to take back the resources that are now pouring into war we could harvest the money and lives that are being squandered

Please join our circle; add your wishes, ingredients, and ideas for cooking up peace. Share your energy and prayers for change. Then help yourself (and the world) to a nutritious, sustaining bowl of Peace Soup.

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Grannies For Peace, a project of Women Against War,


Hello world!

June 30, 2008
Iran billboard, Central Avenue

Iran billboard, Central Avenue

Practicing Peace Signing on to the blogosphere for the first time ever:   Here’s a little summary of what we’re about and what we hope to accomplish with our blog.  We wanted the domain name “waging peace” but it was already taken.  A good sign! 



It takes courage, creativity, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. Join us for a conversation on “waging peace”, the how, the why, and the what. Women Against War is a Capital District organization dedicated to ending the war in Iraq; preventing new wars, especially with Iran; educating people about the cost of war, particularly to women and children; and inspiring people to believe in and demand that our foreign policy be based on alternatives to violence. Read on and discover that waging peace can occur in a simple conversation, a billboard on Central Avenue, or a trip to another country.