Soon after the recent conflict in Georgia began,  I saw an on line headline that said the price of oil has just gone up again as a result of escalations of conflict in Georgia.

Thus I wonder.  Those who wish, like the Bush administration and like Senator McClain, to escalate the conflict seem to be working at cross purposes.  These are the forces that have said we must do all kinds of things, including further boosting of oil companies and accompanying degradation of the environment in off shore drilling, to reduce the price of oil to the American consumer.

I wonder, then, why they would not want to utilize all means to deescalate the conflict.   We have aggravated Russia by many policies, including putting unneeded missile sites near its borders.  We have encouraged (at least George Bush and John McCain have) Georgia to aggressively take back its breakaway regions.

De-escalation of conflict would involve having honest talks with Russia and Georgia about all these issues and would involved any number of possible suggestions for solving the problems peacefully over time. 

The oil markets would stay calmer, prices might continue to come down, and many lives might be saved.

I wonder.  What do the Republican hawks really want?  Do they want to appear macho?  Do they want oil profits to go up despite what they say to the American people regarding the interests of the public?  Do they want to fuel the profitable industrial/military war machine?  Do they not even know what they want but are inclined to act impulsively and say what comes to mind, what they think sounds good at the moment?

Linda M.


One Response to “Wondering”

  1. practicingpeace Says:

    Linda raises some interesting questions as to the motivations of the neocons who are provoking conflict by isolating and threatening Russia with the expansion of NATO (a military alliance) right up to Russia’s borders and the establishment of “missile defense” technology in Poland and the Czech Republic. Then there’s also the US/EU plan for a natural gas pipeline through Georgia that was to bypass the Russian pipelines.
    There’s another serious and tragic problem with these wars by proxy. That’s the death, suffering and displacement of the innocent civilians who are the victims of both the Georgian and Russian military attacks. Fortunately, President Sarkozy of France was able to negotiate a cease fire that at least stops most of the killing and burning of villages.
    Now we need to wait and see just what happens next and perhaps learn another way of dealing with the conflicts between Russia and the United States.

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