Peace Ingredients From the Community Pantry

Grannie and Daughter cooking up peace

Grannie and Daughter cooking up peace

Remember these ingredients for cooking up peace in Washington Park during Mother’s Day weekend of 2008? In the soup pot were some of the basic ingredients that Grannies for Peace thought would be necessary to lead to peace in the world instead of the world in pieces. Peace is so much more than the absence of war. It requires that every human being have access to the basic necessities for sustaining life as well as human rights and the possibility to express her full potential. Only then can struggles to survive give way to peaceful co-existence.



Peace On Earth; Peace Is The Way

Hope; Harmony; Truth; Honesty
Non-Violence; Respect; Tolerance
Love; Wisdom; Generosity

Empathy; Kindness; Goodwill Towards All

Justice; Living Wages

Food for All; Feed the Hungry

Water Rights ~~~~~~~


Development; Positive Change; Sustainability
Diplomacy; Global Treaties

Listening! Reconciliation; Unity

Civilian Peace Reserve Corps
United Nations; World Court; Peace Keepers

No Nukes!

One of the aspects of Cooking Up Peace was a table where community members could write their own ingredients for peace on pieces of colored construction paper. The contributions to our pot of stone soup came from people of all ages including children, adults, elders and some eloquent teenagers. I’ve included them below, basically unedited, for you to cook up your own ideas about what “Peace” really requires



Break it up; Whole (ly) talk with out words! (Master Ha Ha)
World Summit! Equal respect for the rights of all people.
No ownership of property. Stop wanting what other people have
Education; Respect everybody (written by Ajit & Ashnin)
Overwhelming strategic airpower; Love to all creatures
Peace, Patience, Tolerance, Joy; Open your heart & listen
Patience; Love each other
Love and respect each other!
Products for pets should have additional tax added for children of
domestic violence & other peaceful solutions for children
Don’t be afraid to love again! No more Republicans
A dollop of mutual respect; Say Sorry
Charity; Less money for war – More money for the needs of the people of the world to live in Peace.
Love, Life and Laughter; A pinch of common sense & a cup of Love; Sustainable jobs – Living wages – Opportunity for pursuit of happiness; No killing animals; A galaxy full of LOVE
Don’t lose hope; Learn to forgive & be sensitive.
Be compassionate towards others; Do the right thing – everytime
Get rid of BUSH; Honesty
Fire Congress NOW; Please Don’t Fight. (Signed by ME)
Impeach Bush; Police help; Tolerance, listening to all!! And every idea
Talk & Listen, Talk & Listen, Talk & Listen
Love, Joy, Gentleness, Understanding, Kindness, Humbleness, Meekness
Stop and think. Who are you aimed at, is it really worth it? Stop
Shooting without a thought. Is oil really worth countless lives?
Think of others. And accept what others believe. If we could take a
step back, slow down, and think most problems could be solved,
peacefully and with little cost.
(15 years old)


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